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Signa Fiduciaria s.r.l., a company authorized pursuant to Law 66/39 (Authorization issued by interministerial decree of October 25, 1974 and subsequent amendments) is able to offer classic fiduciary services where appropriate (e.g. the registration of company shareholdings possibly linked to the conferment of specific mandates)

SIGNA FIDUCIARIA is a trust and auditing company, authorized under the law 23/11/1939 n. 1966, operating since 1973 with the intent to provide its customers with a wide range of fiduciary services for individuals, families and companies, designed to protect, ensuring the lawful confidentiality, security and integrity of assets owned

The fiduciary tool can be a valuable aid in the planning and management of corporate, family, financial and contractual issues. The Studio's professionals are available to verify the applicability and appropriateness of its adoption in each individual case, and then take care of its effective formalization and management

Signa Fiduciaria, through the conferral of a specific mandate, registers in its own name, but on behalf of the client/trustor, who therefore remains the effective owner, including for tax purposes, of movable or immovable property, financial assets and legal relationships

The trustee therefore administers and disposes of these assets exclusively on the instructions of the trustor, the actual owner, or of another person designated by the latter for this purpose. The trustee company is responsible for the header and the legitimacy of the asset subject to the mandate, while the actual ownership of the same remains with the principal, even if he does not appear in any way as such to third parties

There are several possible applications of the fiduciary instrument:

  • Registration of company shares, movable or immovable property, liquid assets for the sole purpose of not disclosing the ownership by the trustor;
  • Registration of shareholdings in the capital of companies in general, combined with the conferment of specific mandates to act within the expression of voting rights at the shareholders' meeting, in order to ensure the timely execution of shareholders' agreements;
  • Registration of shareholdings in the capital of companies in general, together with the conferral of irrevocable mandates to sell, conditional on the occurrence of pre-established events;
  • Registration and administration on behalf of trustees of securities, transferable securities, cash on current account and other movable assets;
  • Execution of purchase and sale agreements with deferred or conditional performance;
  • The execution of confidential negotiations that require the identity of one of the parties to the contract not to be disclosed;
  • Debt collection;
  • Family succession planning;

It should be noted that in the event that a trustee decides to entrust the trust company with the management of financial assets held abroad, even without direct registration, he will be exempt from indicating such assets in the RW framework of his tax return.

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(+39) 035223126
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